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Blood Test

Test Results

Test Results

How will I be informed of recent test results?

You will be contacted by the most appropriate member of the team who will discuss your test result and any necessary follow up requirements with you.

If your results are normal, you will not be contacted. You can however see the results of your investigations via your online account. If you are not registered for online access, please speak to a member of the reception team.

Can I refer myself for a blood test?

You must be referred by one of our clinicians for a blood test. This is to ensure that the most appropriate investigations are requested for any test that takes place.

Do you receive the results of tests that were carried out at hospital?

If you have recently been admitted (and discharged) from hospital, the Practice will receive a discharge summary from the hospital which will contain information relating to your admission.

If there are any actions for the GP to take, these will be processed by one of the GPs at the practice.

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